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Pet Health


Pet Medical Center 300x250 DVMYour pets make the best workout buddies! They never complain or cancel at the last minute, and they’re always excited to follow you out the door. There are so many activities that you and your pet can do together-all while strengthening your bond and your biceps!

Fetch – By making a few simple changes, both you and your pet can benefit from this classic game. As soon as you throw the ball, jog in place or do a few lunges while you wait for your furry friend to return. Want to really get your heart pumping? Run alongside your pet as he or she races to retrieve a ball or Frisbee.
Walking & Running – This can help your puppy or young dog burn off excess energy and keep your older pet’s joints and muscles limber. You don’t even have to leave your yard for walks. Laps around the backyard can be a very effective way to get a little exercise.

Agility Training – During agility classes, your pet slithers through tunnels, jumps over bars, and navigates an entire obstacle course. You’ll run alongside as your pet masters the course!

Yoga – During yoga sessions, you’ll massage your pet’s muscles to help him perfect specially adapted poses that you’ll perform together. It offers the perfect opportunity to spend a little one-on-one time together while you both stretch and exercise. If pet-friendly yoga classes aren’t available, check out online videos!

Before you begin an exercise program with your pet, keep these things in mind:
• Start slowly. If your pet isn’t accustomed to exercise, it will take a little while to build endurance.
• If you notice your pet is panting heavily, it’s time to take a break or end the session for the day.
• Offer water regularly!

Tailor the exercise to the pet. For example, fetch may be a better game for a short-legged dachshund than a long run.

Exercising with your pet is an excellent way for both of you to stay in shape. If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, or it’s time for your furry friend’s annual exam, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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