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A Healthy Morning Routine

The Good Book says “train a child in the way they should go, when he is older he will not depart from it.” I chase after that verse like a chicken on a junebug. This is because my children, despite extensive education on healthy living, are still not meeting “DoctorDad’s” high standards. An example? One of my children went to the dentist this week and we found out that he has 6 cavities. In permanent teeth. At this point I have to step back and look at the situation. Maybe we are emphasizing the wrong things. After all, if my errant child returns to “the way he should go” — he will apparently return toothless. I have heard it said that if a person were to attempt to do every recommendation that the medical community suggests, they will end up exhausted, penniless or dead. Maybe all three. So lets focus on IMPORTANT morning recommendations. When you wake up, you need to go to the bathroom and take your medication (in a pill counter!). Next, brush and floss your teeth. Use the toilet. Weigh yourself on your scale and write down the number. Showering should happen at night so that you don’t go to bed with allergens on your body. Wearing clothes is important and likely will prevent incarceration. So do that. Go have breakfast, but skip it if you are going to eat the usual sugary crud. If you do intermittent fasting like I do, then you can just grab your coffee and go! Hopefully, I have just made your morning routine less exhausting, less expensive and healthier. With your extra time, maybe you can meet with God and send some prayers up for “DoctorDad”. Compared to parenting, doctoring is a piece of cake!

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