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Apollo 7 lunar pilot to speak at UTSI

Posted on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Astronaut Walter Cunningham will speak at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) at 10 a.m. on Oct. 13, and the public is invited.

Cunningham was the lunar pilot for Apollo 7 – the first manned flight test of the third generation United States spacecraft.

He is the author of “The All-American Boys” that recounts the human side of the early space program.

His talk, “The Golden Age of Spaceflight,” presents his personal view of what he calls “man’s greatest adventure.”

Walter Cunningham

In the talk, Cunningham will provide a unique perspective on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, including the philosophical, psychological and inspirational factors that were the driving force of success in landing a man on the moon.

He will also focus on the human aspect, including the Apollo 1 fire, astronaut selection, pay, training, working and living in space and how today’s views on space have evolved.

A cabin fire during a launch rehearsal test of the Apollo 1, held on Jan. 27, 1967 at Cape Kennedy Air Force Station Launch Complex 34, killed three crew members: Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, the command pilot; Edward H. White II, senior pilot; and Roger B. Chafee, pilot. It also destroyed the command module.

The free event will be held in the UTSI auditorium. To make reservations, call 931-393-7477 or email events@utsi.edu.

For more information, visit www.utsi.edu/index.php/utsi-events.