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Coffee County Bank to open Tullahoma office

Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 10:00 am


Kelly Lapczynski


Coffee County Bank, a community-based, full-service bank with assets of approximately $175 million, will officially open the doors of its new Tullahoma branch next week, making this the bank’s third location in the county.

“We’re no newcomer to the county,” CEO Carter Sain said.  “We’ve been in existence since 1975.”

CEO Carter Sain checks the progress of a remodeling effort at 511 N. Jackson St. as Coffee County Bank prepares to open its first Tullahoma branch next week.
– Staff Photo by Cameron Adams

That’s the year the bank – conceived by Manchester businessmen Ewing J. Threet, Charles E. Powers, Ed Henley and Buster Bush – received its charter and, according to the bank’s website, opened in Manchester with capital of $1.1 million.

Threet served as the bank’s first president and chairman of the board of directors.

“We still have a rich, closely held history there from an ownership standpoint,” Sain said.  “Some of the original directors are still sitting on the board and, if not them, some of their children or brothers or sisters.”

Answering to the board, bank management is led by Sain, President Kenneth C. Kirby and Executive Vice President Rush Bricken.

Today, Coffee County Bank operates two locations in Manchester.  The branch at 511 N. Jackson St. will be the bank’s first in Tullahoma.

The addition of a Tullahoma branch, Sain said, has “probably been on the radar screen for a couple of decades.”

“We’ve already got a fairly nice client base over here that we serve,” Sain said.  “We felt like it was only natural for us to be here and can only apologize that it took us so long to get here.”

The new Tullahoma branch, situated next to Speedway in the building most recently occupied by Huskey Financial, has one drive-through lane with a new ATM and night drop.  Inside, there are a handful of offices to be used for loan or deposit origination and a front counter with room for up to four tellers.

“We love the location and we like the small boutique feel of it,” Sain said, calling it “more intimate” than the typical bank branch.

“It’s not a typical banking location, but we really didn’t see that we needed that,” he said, noting that many customers now prefer online and mobile transactions.  “The future of banks is probably not large, brick and mortar institutions; it’s probably smaller branches like this that serve the needs of somebody who might want to come in or drive through.”

The bank is set to officially open during the first week of December, following a soft opening this week.

In Tullahoma, like in Manchester, Coffee County Bank will be open six days a week.  Hours are 8 a.m. t0 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 5:30 on Friday.  On Saturday, the bank will be open from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

The bank also has an online presence at www.coffeecountybank.com.

Kelly Lapczynski may be reached by email at tnrept01@lcs.net.