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Community gardens: More than fruits & vegetables

Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm


Kali Bradford

and press release

The growing season has come to a close for the Tullahoma Community Garden, located at the C.D. Stamps Community Center.

Now in the its third year, the community garden is under the leadership of Tullahoma residents and volunteers Renée Trad and Kim Bettencourt, along with assistance from Ian Anderson, Tullahoma Parks and Recreation building and grounds manager.

The Tullahoma Cooperative Garden recently wrapped up a successful growing season and will be working in the upcoming months on sustaining the garden through the winter. Cooperative members are currently seeking volunteers of all skill levels to join them for the 2018 planting season. From left are volunteers Teresa Pate, Drew Mitchell, Christina Overman and Letitia Cooper.
-Staff Photo by Kali Bradford

According to Trad and Bettencourt, the garden was tended by volunteers from Tullahoma and the surrounding areas.

Volunteer Teresa Pate said she has enjoyed her first year with the garden.

“Dr. Martin Luther King would have a big smile on his face if he was alive today to see his vision being demonstrated at C.D. Stamps Community Garden,” she said.

“Our garden group includes people of different nationalities and ethnicities, as well as people from different parts of the United States, all volunteering their time, their ideas, sharing information and donating supplies toward one cause – to help bring the community together. I have enjoyed everything about being involved in the community garden. I have learned about good bugs versus bad bugs in a garden, about nonpoisonous, organic methods to control bugs and about treatments for amending soil. All of this, to me, equals family. We are building relationships.”

Along with recruiting volunteers, the garden has also hosted a number of informational classes such as the benefits of bats, working with worms, composting and more.

As the season comes to a close, Trad said volunteers of the Tullahoma Community Garden will be continuing late season harvest, as well as preparing for cover crops to rebuild the soil beds for next spring’s garden.

The garden welcomes volunteer growers of all skill levels from novice to Master Gardener.


Trad and Bettencourt said that supply donations are always appreciated, and request donations of a shed, straw bales, and 55-gallon or larger food-grade drums with removable tops for rain barrels.

For more information on the garden, contact Bettencourt by email at thehappycardinal@gmail.com or at 843-683.-2742; or Trad by email at rltrad@gmail.com or 334-450-5236.