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Crumpton Creek Bridge to be replaced

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 4:14 pm


Elena Cawley


The bridge on Cat Creek Road over Crumpton Creek will be replaced in 2018, according to Benton Bartlett, Coffee County’s highway department director.

The project will cost about $1 million, and funds raised through the state’s IMPROVE (Improving Manufacturing, Public Roads and Opportunities for a Vibrant Economy) Act will cover the expenses completely, according to Bartlett.

Gov. Bill Haslam’s IMPROVE Act, signed in April, aims to battle the state’s $10.5 billion backlog of road and bridge projects and is expected to bring $43 million in revenue for 10 road and bridge projects across Coffee County in the next 15 years, according to the Transportation Coalition of Tennessee (TCT).

“The bridge was on the list for the IMPROVE Act,” Bartlett said.

The state has announced the bridge will be replaced and construction will be covered by funds raised thought the IMPROVE Act, with no cost to the county, said Bartlett.

“It will be a total replacement, and the project will cost about $1 million,” he said. “Currently, they (the state) are in the process of design. We are hoping construction will start in the spring.”

Once construction begins, the bridge will be closed for several months, according to Bartlett.

“It will take anywhere from four to eight months to complete the project,” said Bartlett. “It depends on the design and the type of bridge.”

The existing bridge is constructed out of concrete, which is the material which will be used for the new bridge, said Bartlett.

“Concrete will be the cheapest route, so I am pretty certain it will be a concrete bridge,” he said.

Bartlett hopes the new design will include improving the road leading to the bridge.

“There is a sharp curve going into that bridge, and I hope they will straighten the road up,” Bartlett said.


Earlier repairs

The Crumpton Creek Bridge had to be repaired last year, after a routine inspection of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) determined the bridge needed to be improved.

The bridge was closed in May and remained closed for several weeks while repair work was ongoing.

Before closing the bridge in May, two TDOT inspections of the bridge had been performed – one in 2014, and another in 2016 – which found the overall condition of the bridge was “poor.”

The cost to the county to repair the bridge was around $250,000, according to Bartlett.

In Coffee County, 10 road and bridge projects are on the IMPROVE Act to-do list, at a total cost of over $43 million. The county will receive approximately $420,000 for the 2017-18 fiscal year budget from revenue generated from the fuel tax, according to TCT. The projects include improvements to local bridges, rural access roads and state bridges.

In the next 15 years, the county will receive a total of $10 million, with Tullahoma receiving $2.6 million and the municipality of Manchester receiving $1.4 million.

Other eligible projects in Coffee County

In addition to the bridge on Cat Creek Road over Crumpton Creek, which is estimated to cost $1,058,000, there are several projects on the list of projects to be covered by the IMPROVE Act.

The remaining eligible projects are:

State Route 55, Wilson Avenue from First Avenue in Tullahoma to State Route 16 (US-41A) north of Jackson Street (0.64 miles). This is a backlogged rural access project with an estimated cost of $7.9 million.

State Route 2 (US-41/Hillsboro Highway), from Joe Hickerson Road to Arnold Center Road (2.13 miles). This is a rural access project with an estimated cost of $20 million.

State Route 127 state bridge on the Winchester Highway over Bradley Creek. Estimated cost: $3,886,000.

State Route 2 (US-41) state bridge on Hillsboro Road over CFW Railroad. Estimated cost: $2,558,000.

Wattendorf Memorial Highway, local bridge over AEDC Road/Interstate 24. Estimated cost: $3,733,000.

West Grundy Street, local bridge over North Fork Rock Creek. Estimated cost: $941,000.

Camp Ground Lane, local bridge over Duck River (Old Stone Fort State Park). Estimated cost: $2.5 million.

Norton Branch Road, local bridge over Norton Branch. Estimated cost: $416,000.

Duncan Road, local bridge over Perry Creek. Estimated cost: $386,000.