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Does Market Volatility Scare You?

Halloween is almost here. Of course, most costumes and decorations are more amusing than frightening. But some people seem to have real fears about other things – such as what may happen in the financial markets. To keep these fears at bay, consider the following suggestions:

First, don’t stop investing when the markets are choppy. Once you’re out, you could miss the next rally.

Next, don’t chase after “hot” stocks. They may already have cooled off by the time you hear about them, and they might not even be appropriate for your needs.

It’s also smart not to invest too aggressively or too cautiously. If you constantly push your portfolio toward the maximum possible returns, you might take on too much risk. Conversely, if you are determined to avoid any amount of loss, at any time, you might invest too conservatively to achieve your financial objectives.

No matter what you do, you can’t take all the uncertainty out of investing. But understanding market volatility and your portfolio can help you invest with more confidence as you move toward your goals.

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