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When equipment is working as it should, we take it for granted. But when something breaks down, operations can quickly grind to a halt. That’s why equipment breakdown insurance is so important. Break downs can happen in any type of business setting:

A power surge damages your computer network

Your electrical system short circuits, causing your business to shut down temporarily

An employee error damages your only production machine

These situations are more than just inconvenient. They could cost a lot of money – lost productivity means lost revenue. That’s why Nationwide offers broad equipment insurance for breakdowns to keep your business running smoothly in case of a problem.

What does equipment breakdown insurance cover?

Also known as “boiler and machinery” insurance, equipment breakdown coverage protects against breakdowns caused by power surges, motor burnout, boiler malfunction and operator error. Equipment breakdown insurance covers all sorts of equipment – mechanical and electrical equipment, computers and communication equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, boilers and pressure equipment. It also includes coverage for new technology.

Equipment breakdown coverage can pay for:

The cost to repair or replace the damaged equipment

Costs for time and labor to repair or replace the equipment

Business income losses when a covered breakdown causes a partial or total business interruption

Other expenses incurred to limit loss or speed restoration

The cost to replace spoiled stock or materials

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