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A crown is a permanent cover for a tooth that would otherwise require a very large filling after dental decay has been removed. Crowns also may be used to repair cracked or broken teeth so that extraction is not necessary. Sometimes crowns are used for cosmetic modifications or to hold a dental bridge in place.

Crowns are typically installed in two appointments. The first appointment requires

prep work so the tooth can hold the crown. This is typically a painless procedure, and one in which the dentist will anesthetize the tooth and gum tissue and then file down the tooth along the chewing surface and sides to make room for the crown covering.

Once the tooth has been prepared, an impression will be made of the bite area. That’s because the permanent crown will be fabricated in a laboratory and the fit/color will need to be exact for comfort – and also to ensure that bacteria and food debris do not get caught between the crown and tooth.

The final component is a temporary cap that will keep the prepared tooth clean. This is molded in the office and will be worn only until the custom made crown is ready. Dental crowns can last several years and represent the best way to salvage a tooth that is cracked or damaged.

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