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Few people relish the idea of going to the dentist. Fear of the dentist’s chair is not uncommon, and that anxiety prevents millions of people from seeking proper preventative dental care. The consequences of succumbing to those fears extend beyond pain or lost teeth. Diseases of the mouth have been linked to other ailments, including diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

A fear of the dentist may stem from past unpleasant experiences, such as a dentist with a poor chair-side manner, while others may fear the lack of control they experience while in a dentist’s chair. Couple that with the discomfort many people have when instruments that interfere with their ability to communicate are placed in their mouths, and fear of the dental chair does not seem so unreasonable.

Easing fears at the dental office involves communication with the dentist and his or her staff, as well as finding a dentist with whom you feel comfortable. Working through your fears of the dentist is an important step toward getting the oral health care you need.

Your choice of dentist may come down to who is in your health insurance network. Those with more flexible insurance plans may have more freedom when choosing a dentist. In either case, people should interview dentists and get recommendations from others to find a provider that will keep comfort and care in mind. Especially fearful individuals may need to use a dentist who offers sedation dentistry to make their visits more tolerable.

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