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How to Make Your Want-to’s Into Have- Done’s

About 90% of what I do as a doctor is just trying to get people to do things they don’t want to do. Quit smoking? Lose weight? Exercise? Monogamy?

Why do good docs burn the midnight oil trying to get our patients to do these things?

Because we want our patients to live long and die quick. Yes, you heard me — DIE QUICK.

Think about it. What if you avoided all the major things that were going to kill you: smoking, obesity, hypertension, and jealous husbands? That means that you will likely live to 100 and all your organs will simultaneously go KAPUT. In other words, you get to die quick! This is indeed a blessing. If you don’t think so, then go to a nursing home.

So how can you make changes in your life? You really only need four things: want-to, a plan, hard work, and persistence.

First, you have got to want to do it. It is my job to let you know the issues that are most important and why you should change. Second, you need a plan. This usually involves limiting access, establishing boundaries, making action plans, and dealing with lapses. Third and fourth, you must work hard with persistence.

Over time, the behavior will become less significant. You will begin to wonder why you ever did such silly things to begin with — but beware! The battle is never truly done. At least not until you die — quickly!

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