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Hearing Specialist

Identifying Hearing Loss

Debbie Gamache  300x250 Insiders Digital Ad15% of Americans have hearing loss.  The statistics are shocking and even more so knowing that over half of those 37.5 million Americans are under the age of 65.

Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud noises; ear infections, trauma, or ear disease; illness or certain medications; genetics and/or deterioration due to the normal aging process. To identify hearing loss, answer the following questions:

Do you have trouble understanding conversations in noisy environments?

Do you need to ask people to repeat themselves?

Do you find others commenting that the TV is too loud?

Do people you talk to seem to mumble or not speak clearly?

On average, most Americans don’t know how to recognize the first signs of hearing loss or which health professional is qualified to diagnose and treat the condition.  The first step is to have your hearing evaluated by an audiologist. A medical diagnostic hearing evaluation will measure the type and degree of hearing loss in order to determine the best treatment which may include; hearing aids, assistive listening devices and/or referral for medical treatment and hearing rehabilitation. For more information, contact us at 393-2051.