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Pet Health

Insurance For Pets

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As the amount of money spent on pet healthcare increases steadily at an estimated rate of 40% a year, and as pets become more like family, owners are looking to have their pets covered by insurance.

Some basic plans start at $10 a month, while more extravagant plans cost upwards of $400 a month.Since no two pet insurance plans are exactly the same, you should research each policy before making a choice that best fits your needs. Make sure the plan you choose clearly defines what is and is not covered.

Typically, the best time to purchase pet insurance is when your pet is just a puppy/kitten and is healthy. As pets get older they require more care, especially later in their lives, and the premium can go through the roof, or coverage no longer exists. Many pets can live long, accident free lives, but no owner can guarantee that their companion will never have an accident or unexpected illness.

Unlike human health insurance, most pet insurance companies require owners to pay the entire bill at the time of service, or “up front”. You are then responsible to turn over the itemized bills or invoices from your veterinarian to the pet insurance company for reimbursement of qualified costs.

The best way to find the right pet insurance for you and your furry family is to start by researching some reputable pet insurance companies. Always ask for detailed policy plan information and price quotes.

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