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It Only Takes One Bite

Pet Medical Center 300x250 DVMHow do dogs and cats get heartworm disease?

There’s only one way – through a mosquito bite. It cannot be spread from one pet to another.

If the pet is not on a heartworm preventative all year, the larvae mature and multiply, causing damage to the heart and lungs.

Can indoor pets get heartworm disease?

Yes, mosquitoes frequently get inside our homes. It only takes one bite for a cat or dog to become infected, so any exposure to mosquitoes puts a pet at risk.

How can I prevent my pet from getting heartworm disease?

The best way to prevent this potentially fatal disease is to use and keep your pet on preventatives all year.

It’s also important to have your pet tested once a year.

Talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions about heartworm disease and how best to protect your pet.

More than 1 million dogs in all 50 states have been diagnosed with heartworm disease. It’s much easier to prevent heartworm disease than it is to treat. Prescription preventive medications, available for both cats and dogs, offer a simple way to protect your pets. Before prescribing preventative medications, your veterinarian will test a sample of your pet’s blood. Blood testing is necessary to ensure that your pet isn’t already infested with the worms. Preventive medications are available in pill, topical liquid, or injections, and are only available by prescription. It’s important to make annual veterinary checkups a priority, give us a call to schedule yours today!

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