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Lawson rolls perfect game in THS victory

Posted on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 9:39 am


Sports Editor


Oliver Lawson achieved what every athlete hopes to reach in their respective sport on Thursday —perfection.

In the third set in Tullahoma’s home match against Lawrence County, the junior bowler rolled his perfect 300 contest. Heading into the final frame of the day, Lawson had cracked 200 twice in his first two matchups. He won his first matchup 201-136, captured a 203-161 victory in his second contest, before ending the night perfect with a 300-134 win.

Lawson’s perfect game was the second in the Tullahoma High School bowling program’s history. Kyle Dotson was the first THS bowler to bowl a 300 in a 2015 home matchup, oddly enough, against Lawrence County.

While Lawson had the standout performance on Thursday for Tullahoma, his team also remained perfect on the year. THS upped its record to 4-0 on the season, downing Lawrence County 16-11.

The Tullahoma girls team also notched a victory against Lawrence County, picking up a convincing 21-6 win. The THS girls upped their record to 2-1 on the season, rebounding after a loss to Marshall County on Tuesday.

Oliver Lawson rolled a perfect game in the third set against Lawrence County on Thursday at Tullahoma Lanes. Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee congratulates Lawson on his accomplishment.
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In the first set of the day, the Tullahoma and Lawrence County boys teams split the six matchups, each team winning three games. However, Tullahoma grabbed a 5-3 lead, receiving two additional points for leading the set in pinfall, 1,180-1,064.

Matthew Hasty led off the set with a victory for THS, picking up a 228-191 win over Isaac Lopp. Lawson followed with his 201-136 win over Jacob Whitehead. Elijah Manderson closed out the set with a 218-186 victory over Collin Huson.

Tullahoma notched four wins in the second set. However, it was Lawrence County who won the pinfall matchup in the second set, 1,143-1,141, as Tullahoma was still clinging to a 9-7 advantage.

Nolan Cardwell led off the second set with a win for THS, picking up a 184-182 victory over Alex Goshert. Lawson added his 203-161 victory over Whitehead. Dylan Petty followed with a 201-190 win over Parker Jennings before Trent Noyce notched a 195-192 win over Colton Moore.

Tullahoma picked up just two wins in the final set, but additionally led in pinfall, 1,182-1,152, taking a 13-11 advantage. Tullahoma then received the final three points of the contest, leading the overall matchup in pinfall, 3,503-3,359, going on to capture the 16-11 matchup.

Hasty picked up Tullahoma’s first win of the set, notching a 199-188 victory over Lopp. Lawson followed with his perfect game in a 300-134 over Whitehead for Tullahoma’s final victory of the set.

While the THS boys found themselves embroiled in a tight matchup, the THS girls set the tempo early with a dominating victory. The Tullahoma girls won five games in the opening set before receiving two points for leading in pinfall, 929-763, taking a 7-1 lead.

Morgan Paradis led off the set with a 171-128 victory over Maci Hagan before Kirstyn Hardison followed with a 118-106 win over Gracen Patterson. Tailor Noyce notched a 170-78 victory over Micki Blade. Courtney Kimzey defeated Bailee Hagan 158-131 before Allyson McCray notched a 177-130 win over Hailee Ratliff.

Tullahoma and Lawrence County split the second set, each winning three games. However, Tullahoma led in pinfall, 825-806, taking a 12-4 advantage.

Paradis led off the set with a 146-128 win over Maci Hagan. Noyce followed with a 144-109 victory over A.K. Brown and Kimzey notched a 130-118 victory over Bailee Hagan.

Tullahoma extended its lead with four wins in the final set, before leading in pinfall, 906-864, taking an 18-6 lead. Tullahoma then received the final three points of the matchup, leading the overall set in pinfall, 2,660-2,433, going on to pick up a 21-6 win.

Keilee Northcutt picked up a 164-128 victory over Patterson. Noyce followed with a 182-128 win over Brown. Hardison notched a 141-136 win over Hagan before McCray notched a 166-145 victory over Ratliff.

The Tullahoma teams will have a week before their next matchup, hosting Santa Fe on Thursday at Tullahoma Lanes. Matches are slated to get underway at 3:30 p.m.