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Orofacial Pain

The term “orofacial pain” stands for any pain or disorder found in the mouth or face. Conditions are associated with hard and soft tissues of the head, neck and face and all of those within the mouth. Orofacial pain can range from chronic headaches and neuralgia to tooth pain, burning mouth syndrome and musculoskeletal structures (muscles and joints) of the masticatory system which are those muscles responsible for motion.


It is interesting to note that the most common type of orofacial pain is toothache next is TMD pain and following close behind is facial pain. Obviously, pain is costing the American people more than $65 billion in health care services, disability, loss of work and productivity every year. It impairs millions. The treating dentist and physician or other health care provider needs to be in consultation for the best interest of the patient. Together, they look at the whole picture because of the interrelationship of the nerves and the function of the muscles. Clearly, the wide range of symptoms can be confusing. For instance, there are usually other structures involved like the neck and low back pain that can affect the jaw joints, etc.

Orofacial pain describes various conditions including: musculoskeletal pain, teeth or gum pain, neurogenic pain, TMJ disorders, headaches, sinusitis, tic douloureux , neuralgias fibromyalgia, etc.

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