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Pet Medical Center 300x250 DVMRabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. The virus is secreted in saliva and is usually transmitted to people and animals by a bite from an infected animal. Although bite wounds are the most common way the virus is transmitted, any contact with the saliva of an infected animal (alive or dead) can potentially lead to infection if the person or animal has an opening in the skin, or the saliva gets into their eyes, nose, or mouth. Once the rabies virus enters the body, it travels along the nerves to the brain. Animals with rabies may show a variety of signs including fearfulness, aggression, excessive drooling or foaming of the mouth, staggering, and seizures. The most common signs are behavioral changes and paralysis. Although there is no treatment once the clinical signs of rabies appear, rabies is entirely preventable through vaccination. The possibility of exposure can also be reduced by not allowing your pet to roam free. Spaying or neutering your pet may decrease roaming tendencies. Tennessee law requires that all dogs and cats be vaccinated against rabies and their shots are kept up to date. The month of April has been deemed “Rabies Month” at our clinic, and therefore both dog and cat rabies vaccines have been discounted to $9.00. Call 393-2707 to schedule your appointment today!

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