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Rose’s Peace of Mind offers at-home care for pets

Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 11:00 am


kelly lapczynski


For pet and home owners, working long hours or going on vacation can present a problem.

When you can’t be home, who can you trust to see that Fido is fed, watered and gets his daily medication?  When you’re gone for an extended period of time, how can you be sure that your empty home doesn’t become a target for burglars?  The answer is Rose’s Peace of Mind Pet Care.

For nearly seven years, Rose Ramirez has assured pet owners in Shelbyville and surrounding areas that their animals can be properly cared for at home, secure in their regular routine, while their house is protected at the same time.

And now her company is expanding its reach into Tullahoma.

Rose Ramirez of Rose’s Peace of Mind Pet Care offers worry-free at-home pet sitting in Tullahoma and surrounding areas.  Rose’s cares for your animals and checks the security of your home “when you can’t be there.”  Call 931-224-3060. -- Staff Photo by Kelly Lapczynski

Rose Ramirez of Rose’s Peace of Mind Pet Care offers worry-free at-home pet sitting in Tullahoma and surrounding areas. Rose’s cares for your animals and checks the security of your home “when you can’t be there.” Call 931-224-3060. — Staff Photo by Kelly Lapczynski

Ramirez, a former Marine, said she became enamored with pet care roughly two years before her retirement from the military.  She and her husband Rich were in a pet store shopping for their own dogs when she became intrigued by an in-store grooming.  A large, Newfoundland dog was getting a “low-shed” treatment to brush out the animal’s undercoat.

“I was mesmerized,” she said.  “There was more hair on the floor than there was on the dog.”  Noticing that she was interested in the process, the groomer asked Ramirez if she’d like to give it a try.  She did and, she said, “I was bitten by the bug.”

For the next two years, while completing 20 years of military service, Ramirez worked part-time grooming animals.  Before her retirement, though, a necessary surgery to repair a rotator cuff injury limited her shoulder movement and left her unable to groom several animals in a day.  “Once I recovered, I couldn’t do the repetition,” she said, “which now I know was a blessing in disguise.”

Ramirez knew from her time in the Marine Corps how hard it was to find reliable pet care.  “When I was in the military, we could not find anybody.  We were working 18 hour days and you couldn’t just go home.  I was a nervous wreck.  We didn’t want to leave our dogs that long and it was hard to find someone you could trust.”

So in June of 2009, Ramirez began offering professional at-home pet care services.  Response was good, and soon she was hiring additional pet sitters – each one vetted with thorough background checks and certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR.

Fully licensed, insured and bonded, Rose’s Peace of Mind Pet Care offers a full range of services.  “It’s totally dependent on the client,” said Ramirez.  “Every home is different and it’s very customizable.”

Peace of Mind clients have access to a web-based client log-in where they can schedule appointments and leave specific requests, from a meal plan for picky eaters to a medication schedule for pets with health concerns.  “Every pet has their own little issues,” said Ramirez.

Though Peace of Mind most often cares for cats and dogs, the company is insured and able to care for any animal.  “From aardvarks to zebras; so long as they are truly a pet in your care, they are covered,” said Ramirez.

Rose’s Peace of Mind Pet Care is insured through the Business Insurers of Carolina (BIC).  “Anything that could possibly go wrong, this covers,” said Ramirez.  On a quarterly basis, Ramirez consults the BIC list of nationwide claims to learn about potential hazards so that her sitters can avoid them. “I’ve never had an insurance claim — knock on wood — but at least I can sleep at night and I know my clients can sleep at night if, God forbid, something happened.”

In addition to pet care, Peace of Mind will make daily house checks to make sure that an empty house “looks lived in and secure.”   Services range from basic daily chores such as watering plants and bringing in the mail to removing the indicators that no one is home with crime deterrent tasks such as taking the trash to the curb and rotating interior lighting.

“I’ve even wound grandfather clocks,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez said that home security is a high-priority for her business.  “I think the military background helps in that,” she said.  “There are things that (clients) wouldn’t think about.”

Clients are afforded peace of mind in knowing that – with or without pets in the home – someone is visiting the house daily, able to spot any potential issues before they get out of hand.

Asking clients the right questions beforehand – such as the location of the breaker box or the water shut off valve – allows the Peace of Mind team to “think on their feet” if a problem occurs.

Ramirez remembers instances when a homeowner was saved from unexpected expense because her team was there to notice when pipes had burst or the home had lost power.

In one home, Ramirez was able to make the necessary calls to save a homeowner’s newly-installed wooden cabinets from damage when she spotted a leak in the roof above them.  “If she had boarded her animals, that would never have been found,” said Ramirez.

Currently, Rose’s Peace of Mind Pet Care is offering services to a limited portion of Tullahoma, expanding from Shelbyville to roughly the Country Club area.  “Hopefully, we can expand to get most of Tullahoma in the near future,” said Ramirez.  Such expansion will depend on hiring additional sitters to assure that all pets and homes get the time and attention they deserve.

“I’m always looking for additional sitters,” said Ramirez.  “Especially as the business grows.”

“It’s so rewarding, not only to take care of the pets, but also when the owner gets home and it’s clean and neat they didn’t have to worry about anything,” said Ramirez.  “I’ll never get rich doing it, but I love it.  As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely do it.”

To schedule an appointment or inquire about a position call Rose Ramirez at 931-224-3060.

View a list of services online at Rosespeaceofmindpetcare.com.

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