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Secondhand Smoke Affects Pets Too

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The effects of secondhand smoke on people are well documented. Exposure to tobacco smoke causes a variety of serious health problems. Not surprisingly, secondhand smoke also increases the risk of health problems for your pet.

Breathing in tobacco smoke can increase the chance that your pet will develop lung or nasal cancers. Exposure to smoke also increases the risk that your pet will develop asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory problems. Since cats clean their fur by licking it, they are more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma in their mouths from the sticky residue on their fur from the tobacco smoke.

The best way to prevent these serious health problems is to quit smoking and maintain a smoke-free environment for your pet. We are here to help you pet stay strong and healthy. Give us a call if it’s time for your pet’s annual exam, or if you are concerned about a possible health problem.  For more information, please call 393-2707 or visit our website.