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“Should I own this stock?”

I’m often asked “Should I own this stock?” It’s a valid question, but unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to answer without a lot more information about the person asking me. Before owning any investment, you and your Financial Advisor should carefully evaluate the assets you already own, your place in life, your risk tolerance, your net worth, how long you plan to own the investment, why you’re investing the money, your history with investing, and several other aspects of your life. You’ve worked hard for your money. Including yourself in the equation is a responsible habit of long-term-investors. A major part of a Financial Advisor’s job is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not you, in particular should invest in a security. To evaluate only the security and not you is to ignore half of the answer to the question. So when someone asks, “Should I own this stock?” my answer is always, “Good question. Let’s sit down together and find out!” You can contact Joey at 1940 N. Jackson St. Suite 140, 931-454-2435 or visit www.edwardjones.com