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Super Hearing Ideas

There are several Super strategies that can be used to help people hear and understand better.

Make conversations Super by doing the following:
a. Mute or turn down the television
b. Move to a quieter room/hallway or walk outside away from the noise
c. Stand next to a wall instead of in the middle of the room full of people

Position yourself for a Super conversation by:
a. Standing face to face with the speaker to maximize lipreading cues
b. If one ear is better, make sure the better ear is toward the speaker
c. Move away from background noise (see #1 above)

Ask others to speak slower, not louder, especially not Super loud!

Pay Super attention and do not be afraid to ask others to repeat or reword what was said

Using these simple Super strategies to help you to communicate more effectively with family, friends and co-workers! Enjoy a Super Sunday!
To find out how much hearing you’re missing, make an appointment to see us for a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine the type and severity of hearing loss you may have.

For more information about hearing loss in children or to schedule a hearing assessment with Debbie Gamache, contact The Hearing Center LLC at 931-393-2051 or visit our website.