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Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 11:09 am

Spring 2017 fashion trends

By Kali Bradford


This week was a (literal) chilly reminder that old man winter will be hanging around for a few more weeks. Those of us who were breaking out the shorts and sandals need to go ahead and let April pass on by before unveiling them again.

However, while the groundhog’s premonition of six more weeks of winter was more right than wrong, there is still some hope to be found, with warmer temps on the way – as well as spring fashion trends.

New York Fashion Week took place last month and it set the bar for spring trends.

As always, there’s a lot to like, not like and, of course wonder in how in the world to incorporate the trends into one’s wardrobe.

Here’s my rule. I like to try one or two things. I definitely don’t go out and buy tons of whatever is in style, because one literally blinks and the fashion world has moved on not one season, but two ahead.

Trends are fun, so don’t take them any other way. Try them if you like, but, in the end, just dress the way you like. After all, styles will come around again. If you don’t believe it, check out the trends below. Enjoy.


Super Brights

Put your sunglasses on and get into the mindset of the brighter the better. Bold colors are blazing their way into spring and summer fashion. Wear them head to toe or just with fun accent pieces. Don’t go florescent, but stick with colors like Kermit green to sunshine yellow.


’80s redux

While I, personally, will be sitting this trend out, the fashion world is all about it. From shoulder pads to clip-on earrings, it’s all back. I bet you can even get away with a top and bottom matching track suit, affectionately called “swishy suits” here in office.


Head to Toe Florals

I’m all about this trend. The experts recommend wearing it from head toe, but I think sticking with a one statement piece or a few coordinating pieces is the way to go. But go big with colorful floral prints. Pansies are the chosen flower currently, but don’t be afraid to incorporate the whole garden into the mix.


Mix and Match

In order to get into this trend fully, I suggest having your child pick out your clothes. It’s all about the mismatch and no one really knows that better than a child under the age of 10. Many designers are pushing forward with the concept of mix and match. If that sounds daunting, don’t be afraid. There’s something inherently wearable about the new wave of eclecticism, and you’ll often find that individual pieces are entirely easy to wear on the regular. Take a pair of jeans against madcap combination of bejeweled accessories, trophy jacket and motif tee—a great going-out outfit.


Playing Peek-a-boo

Think of showing a little skin in a very classy way.  Sheer tops, dresses and even pants are all the rage with warmer temps on the horizon. So how do you wear such opaque fabrics? You don’t want it tight and you don’t want the modesty-saving embellishment, because you’ll be layering it up. It’s also dependent on how bravely you’ll dare to bare. Keep it casual by flinging a gossamer-light sheer slip-of-a-thing over jeans and a tee.


Statement Stripes

This goes along with the floral and bright colors trend, worn head to toe and boldly. Mix stripe thickness and colors and just have fun with it.