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Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 10:00 am

Fashion trend fails

By Kali Bradford


Last week I came to a fashion wit’s end of sorts. I saw an article on the latest in eyebrow trends.

It is what they are calling “squiggly eyebrows.”

Yes, just the thought of it, I’m sure, is raising your own and it’s exactly as you might imagine. It involves covering up your own perfectly good eyebrows and then drawing or painting a squiggly line over them with your color of choice, of course.

Don’t get me wrong. Fashion is great thing. It has pushed us out of our style comfort zone and helped us walk on the wild side here and there. If it weren’t for the pioneers of fashion, goodness knows what we’d be wearing.

But I’m going to have to call this one a fashion fail. No and no. Other than incorporating it into whatever Halloween costume you may be contemplating, I think we better leave it at that. This fashion trend is better left for the runways, where such risks can be taken.

While I’d like to say that the squiggly eyebrow has been the only crazy fashion trend out there in 2017, I wouldn’t be telling you the whole truth. While hard to look at and even harder to image wearing, it’s important that we see these trends so we don’t repeat them ourselves.

Here, without further ado, are some of the best of the worst fashion trends of 2017. Enjoy.


Facial Mask Peel

We’ve all wasted perfectly good time this year watching both men and women coat their faces with a black tar substance and then proceed to painfully, sometimes very painfully, peel it off. I guess this is where the internet is both a joy and a curse. Entertaining as it was the first time you saw it, after the tenth painful facial it became a little hard to watch. Without a doubt one of the worst beauty fails of 2017.


Lollipop Lips

Most of us can remember our parents losing it after willingly giving us a lollipop and then looking at us in shock that we had it all over our faces. Well, in 2017, it became a hot fashion trend to create this look for one’s lips. All I can is that it is now a thing of the past.


Braided eyebrows

As if the squiggly ones weren’t enough, the fashion powers that be want us to take some more time in our non-existent beauty routine to somehow manipulate our own to create a braided brow. Just imagine throwing that little beauty into your morning makeup routine while getting you and your children ready for work and school. Fashion fail.


Body Contouring

Make up tutorial how to shade the face

I’ve always seen contouring your face as ridiculous. Add having to do it to any part of your body is just plain silly and a waste of time. Don’t forget to add in the fact that the makeup you add to your neck, chest or arms is probably going to get all over your clothes, leaving you looking like you’ve been messing in the dirt.

I also think it just contributes to one not being happy with her body. We all need to love our bodies as they are. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier, but you should love yourself no matter what.