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Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 11:55 am

‘Tomorrow’ is special

Weldon Payne

Weldon Payne

Some people say that “tomorrow” is a bad word, but without tomorrow, we perish. It is both an anchor to the past and a hitch to the future.

People holding a grudge against the word may do so because of their opposition to procrastination, which admittedly can be an obstacle to success and happiness. (It is not always a bad idea to put things off, for rushing into things without proper planning can be detrimental to achieving.)

We often peg our hopes to tomorrow. Mankind has endured darkest nights because beyond the darkness they could see tomorrow. Many, struggling with poverty and suffering incurable illnesses find strength for today through faith in a metaphysical tomorrow.

Years ago, a popular song expressed the sad news that “Tomorrow Never Comes.” Later, when our daughter was very young, she sometimes would get upset with me for telling her that the “tomorrow” that she had anticipated had been replaced by “today.”

If you can, imagine that there really was not, and never would be, a tomorrow even if we continued to exist – that we should be frozen in the present with no need to plan or anticipate or speculate. What if we found ourselves to be “finished” in mind and body – incapable of learning new things or thinking new thoughts or discovering “what might happen next?”

Without tomorrows, our todays might be unbearably miserable. We are made for tomorrow for we are always becoming. People we meet today on this strange and mysterious journey often affect who we will be tomorrow.

Yesterday and today leave their marks on us, but tomorrow may wield the most drastic changes of all. Life, lest we forget, is one of the greatest existing mysteries. What a magnificent gift that we sometimes forget.