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THS beautification day planned for Saturday

Posted on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 12:15 pm


Erin McCullough

The steps outside the basketball court of Tullahoma High School could be on the receiving end of some much-needed pressure washing, thanks to a clean-up effort hosted by THS digital arts teacher Nikki Rickard. Rickard is inviting anyone in the community to help her beautify the THS campus at 9 a.m. Saturday, July 22.

In order to help prepare the school for the coming year, one Tullahoma High School teacher is putting together a “beautification” day for the school this weekend.

Nikki Rickard, a technology teacher in the digital arts field, is calling for volunteers to help make THS a more beautiful campus in town.

The event is part of an effort to increase community involvement with the high school, according to Rickard.

Rickard said that she and a number of representatives at a Jostens National Renaissance Conference last summer, including THS Principal Kathy Rose, thought of the idea of helping to make THS look a little better to those who call it home.

“We planned it as part of our (THS) Renaissance movement to get students, teachers, parents and the community involved in taking pride and care of our second home,” she said.

“Many of the students and teachers oftentimes spend more hours a day on the THS campus than we do our own home, so we thought this was a great way to enhance our Renaissance program and give back to our school.”

Rickard said the inspiration of the event came from a similar program at Bel-Aire Elementary School.

“I noticed Bel-Aire’s PTO (parent-teacher organization) had created an event via Facebook to do the same,” she said.

Seeing that as a great idea, Rickard requested permission from Rose to do the same thing at THS.

Though the school district does have a full-time crew that takes care of major lawn care at its seven educational institutions, Rickard said that it was nice to be able to help out.

“Just like owning a home or business, it’s much easier to take care of when more people are helping work towards a common goal,” she said.

“THS is our home, and we want to take care of it.

As of now, said Rickard, it’s also something that Rose plans to continue as an “annual tradition.”

THS Beautification Day will take place at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 22.

Anyone interested in helping out is requested to wear outdoor working clothes, work gloves, sunscreen and bug spray.

There is no official end date, according to the Facebook event page, though helpers are encourage to “come and stay as long as you are able.”

Some tools and appliances requested of those helping are:

-Pressure washers

-Hedge trimmers

-Bush snips


-Weed eaters

-Rakes, saws and picks,

-Chains and trucks to pull out bushes if needed

-Wheelbarrows and yard wagons

Anyone wanting more information on the cleanup day should visit the “THS Beautification Day” event on Facebook.

Erin McCullough may be reached by email at tnrept09@lcs.net.