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Dental Health

TMJ disorders

Dentist focus on the relationship between your teeth and jaw along with taking care of dental health needs. TMJ disorders would be in this category . Other terms sometimes used to describe TMJ disorder are CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction ) and MPD (myofascial pain dysfunction).


Popping or clicking  of the jaw joints when chewing or talking.

Pain behind the eyes, or in the neck, shoulders or upper back.

Locking or limited movement of the jaw at times.

Ears ringing, buzzing, swish or feel blocked.

Clenching or grinding teeth during day or when sleeping.

Pain when opening wide to yawn, sing, or bite  into food.

Frequent headaches with no explanation.

Jaws feeling extremely tired or sore after chewing food, ice or gum.

Previous whiplash injury or any blow to the chin face or head area.

The majority of sufferers are women; although men, young children and adolescence are also affected.  Too often patients endure a frustrating and expensive doctor-to-doctor search to find answers for relief of symptoms. A dentist who is trained and experienced in TMD is usually the one who treats it conservatively.

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