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Untreated Hearing Loss Can Cost You

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Research has already shown that hearing loss has an effect on a person’s quality of life, including feelings of isolation, fatigue, and stress as well as increasing the risk of the onset of dementia. However, it has also been determined that not seeking help for hearing loss can affect the bottom line.

Survey data from the Better Hearing Institute suggests that untreated hearing loss accounts for about 100 billion dollars of lost income every year. This study estimated loss in income for untreated hearing loss averages from $1000/yr for those with mild hearing loss to $12,000/yr for those was severe hearing loss.

Efficient hearing is important in many work settings. Verbal communication with coworkers, employers and customers are often important parts of the worker’s responsibility. It is believed that the loss of income is due to under employment, job mistakes, and poor job performance due to communication errors and the stress, anxiety, and depression that untreated hearing loss can cause.

As stated by former Better Hearing Institute director Sergei Kochkin, PhD., “Some people may be embarrassed to admit they have a hearing loss. But the price of vanity is lost earnings and a diminished ability to communicate effectively with family, friends and coworkers.”

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