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Wassailers to bring holiday cheer to Celtic Cup

Posted on Friday, December 15, 2017 at 3:01 pm

The Triquetra Irish Step Dance Troupe’s Traveling Troubadours will present Celtic Christmas Tradition on Dec. 22-23 at The Celtic Cup Coffee House in Tullahoma.

The family dance and comedy troupe is comprised of Tracy H. Sugg and Sugg’s children Crimson Rose, Colt and Robert IV.

The Traveling Troubadours will perform Celtic Christmas Tradition on Dec. 22-23 at The Celtic Cup Coffee House in Tullahoma. From left are Gregory Colt Sugg, Tracy H. Sugg, Crimson Rose Sugg and Robert P. Sugg IV.
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According to Sugg, triquetra (Latin for three-cornered) represents a Celtic knot.

“Before my youngest son joined us, it was myself with my daughter Crimson Rose and my son, Colt,” she said. “We had to come up with a name. Due to my love for history and research I suggested triquetra, which is a three-cornered Cetlic knot, often called a Trinity knot, to reflect us as three dancers and also our Christian faith.

Later, when my youngest son Robert started performing with us, we had already come to be known as a triquetra and so we kept the name.”

The family of dancers came to the Irish dancing tradition six years ago. While not professional dancers, the family does practice six hours a week and continues to work on more advanced steps and better technique.

Sugg said they also set themselves apart from other Irish step dancers by adding comedy to their show.

“We started dancing with just my daughter Crimson Rose and me,” she said. “Then we were asked to perform with Tartan Terrors, a band out of Canada. At that point Colt and Robert, two of my sons, had just started performing with us, which meant they knew very few dance steps at that time.

“So we decided to bring in comedy to cover their lack of dance knowledge at that time and it was a wonderful hit with the crowd. We had more comments and applause than before, so we started making comedy along with dance part of our shows.”

For a typical show, Sugg said audiences can expect a different types of dancing and more.

“One can expect Irish dance definitely, though we have been known to include other types of dance depending on the show that include swing, flamenco and the waltz,” she said. “Also, great costumes, with some shows involving various costume changes, comedy will be a prevailing theme and there is usually some sort of storyline and bits of history thrown in.”

For the upcoming Christmas show at The Celtic Cup, Sugg said they will be telling the story of a traveling band of troubadours.

“With different costumes and researching Celtic Christmas traditions, we are having a lot of fun putting this show together,” she said.

“We are bringing the audience in for more of the show this time.  Instead of the setting of Triquetra performing at the Celtic Cup, we are setting the scene as a band of wandering troubadours crashing the place and seeking to entertain the crowd in exchange for food and drink from the proprietors, Chris and Denise (Smith). This follows the old tradition from the British Isles of ‘wassailing.’ Since we are portraying a traveling entertaining troupe, the costumes are a mix of Dickens and gypsy and the choreography is Irish with a bit of fun thrown in.

Both shows will begin at 6 p.m. and are free and open to the public. The Celtic Cup is located at 106 N. Anderson St. in Tullahoma.