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Rogers Insurance 300x250 Full Service

Car insurance is sold through three different means; independent agents, captive agents, and direct through the internet. An independent agent is an agent with options. Independent agents have more to offer than other agents making them a strong competitor in the insurance industry.

If you are shopping for insurance, independent agents are a great place to start because they can check several different companies’ rates all at once. Independent agents provide personalized customer service. Since an independent agent works for you, often times they will file your claim with the parent company.

An independent agent works for you not the insurance company. An independent agent is not an employee of an insurance company. Technically, anindependent agent’s boss is you, the client. Working with an agent that is not solely employed by one carrier is nice because you can get unbiased advice. However, just because an agent is independent doesn’t mean they are the best. You still need to look for good agent qualities, such as availability, knowledgeable, and proactive.

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