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What Will Be Your Legacy?

August is “What Will Be Your Legacy? Month.” But while this special month may not be on your calendar, it can remind you of how important it is to start planning your legacy.

In particular, you’ll need to work with your legal and tax advisors to create the proper estate-planning documents, such as a will, living trust and health care power of attorney.

You’ll also need to communicate your wishes clearly to your family members, so they can be sure of what you want and what their roles are in carrying out your plans.

Don’t wait until you are deep into retirement to take action on your estate plans, because developing the necessary documents and arrangements can take a fair amount of time — and you’ll want to make these preparations when you’re in good mental and physical health.

Once you’ve got your estate plans in place, you’ll have gone a long way toward leaving the legacy you desire — and that’s a good feeling.

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