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Hearing Specialist


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Hearing loss is one of the most common undetected and untreated health problems in the United States. Recent statistics indicate 15% of adults age 45-64 years and 27% of adults 65-74 years old have significant hearing loss. Hearing loss too often goes unnoticed or “sneaks up” on the individual because of the following characteristics:

Hearing loss is gradual – it can develop so slowly that the person is not aware of any change from year to year

Hearing loss is partial – it is not unusual to have hearing loss in the high frequencies and still have normal hearing in the lower frequencies to detect the presence of speech

Hearing loss is painless – although tinnitus (ringing in the ear) may accompany hearing loss, there is no other feeling that alerts you to a change in hearing

Hearing loss is invisible – the person with a hearing loss doesn’t look different and you cannot detect hearing loss by looking in someone’s ears; only a comprehensive hearing evaluation can determine if there is a hearing loss

If you know of someone who may have an undetected hearing loss, the first step is to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation conducted by an audiologist.

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