WHEREAS, by Deed of Trust of record in Book T1198, Page 393 in the Register's Office for Franklin County, Tennessee, dated September 2, 2016 and recorded on October 10, 2016, Shanna P Hawkins and James Corey Hawkins, a married couple, and Charles T Hawkins A/K/A Charles Taylor Hawkins, a single person, conveyed to 21st Mortgage Corporation, the hereinafter described real property to secure the payment of a Note (the "Note") and other indebtedness as described in said Deed of Trust; and

WHEREAS, Tim Williams resigned as Trustee under said Deed of Trust; and Philip L. Robertson was appointed as Substitute Trustee pursuant to a certain Appointment of Substitute Trustee of record in Book T1252 Page 228, in the Register's Office for Franklin County, Tennessee; and

WHEREAS, default in the payment of the indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust has been made; and the entire balance of which having been declared due and payable in accordance with the terms of said Note and Deed of Trust, the owner and holder of said indebtedness, 21st Mortgage Corporation, has directed me, the undersigned, Substitute Trustee, to foreclose said Deed of Trust and to advertise and sell the real property in satisfaction of said debt and the cost of foreclosure, in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Note and Deed of Trust.

NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me by said Deed of Trust, I will on the 27th day of June 2018, offer for sale and sell the following described real property-550 Rabbit Run Lane, Sewanee, Tennessee, on the front steps of the Franklin County Courthouse, 1 South Jefferson Street, Winchester, Tennessee 37398 on or about 3:30 p.m., to the last, highest, and best bidder for cash, in hand, and free from all rights and equities of redemption, homestead, dower, marital share and all other exemptions and other rights of every kind, including the statutory right of redemption, all of which were expressly waived by the terms of said Deed of Trust. This sale is subject to, however, such prior encumbrances and priority tax liens as may appear of record in said Register's Office.

The property herein to be foreclosed is described as follows:

BEGINNING at the Northwest corner of the Nunley property, thence with the Nunley North boundary South 80 deg. 30 min. West 220 feet; thence North 1 deg. West 260 feet; thence South 86 deg. East 500 feet with the Myers South boundary; thence South 5 deg. West 1511 feet; thence South 86 deg. West 280 feet; thence North 5 deg. East 1385 feet to the point of beginning, containing 8 acres more or less.

EXCEPT for the following tracts which have been previously conveyed:

BEGINNING at the point where the Caldwell, Nunley, and Wofford property intersects evidenced by an iron stake in the ground; thence North 01 deg. West 260 feet; thence South 86 deg. East 120 feet; thence 290 feet to the starting point (iron stake) containing 1/2 acre more or less.

Conveyance of record in Deed Book 154, page 271, Register's Office of Franklin County, Tennessee.

STARTING at an iron pin in the Southwest corner thence 267.8 feet North 29 deg. 40 minutes East; thence 342.1 feet South 86 deg. 48 minutes East; thence 160.4 feet South 04 deg. 50 minutes West; thence 463.3 feet South 83 deg. 20 minutes West. Bordered on the West by Alvin Caldwell; North by Myers; East and South by O.D. Bunter. This tract contains 1.78 acres more or less and is subject to a private access road to the O.D. Butner Property.

Conveyance of record in Deed Book 155, page 289, Register's Office of Franklin County, Tennessee.

Being the same property conveyed to Charles Taylor Hawkins and wife, Patsy Jo Hawkins by Warranty Deed from O. D. Butner of record in Book 169, page 28, Register's Office for Franklin County, Tennessee, dated 11/08/76 and recorded on 1/29/1977. The said Patsy Jo Hawkins is now deceased, leaving Charles Taylor Hawkins fully vested as the surviving tenant by the entirety. (Value or consideration shown in aforementioned deed $3,000.00.)

Being also known as 550 Rabbit Run Lane, Sewanee, Tennessee 37375.

This is improved property with mailing and street address of 550 Rabbit Run Lane, Sewanee Tennessee 37375.

Pursuant to T.C.A. 47-9-604 this sale shall also included the affixed manufactured home described as one (1) 2016 Marlette Manufactured Home, 66X32, with a Serial No. of NO2024497TNAM.

The sale will be for cash without warranty of any kind including the location, condition or set back of improvements on the property. Undersigned reserves the right to sell the property in individual parcels and / or in a group, in the sole discretion of Undersigned. The property is subject to any and all restrictive covenants or easements of record with the Register's Office, Franklin County, Tennessee. The proceeds of the sale will be applied in accordance with the provisions of the Deed of Trust. If the highest bidder is unable to comply with the terms of sale, undersigned reserves the right to sell the property to the next highest bidder able to comply or to readvertise the sale if he chooses. Undersigned reserves the right to postpone the date and time of sale upon announcement at the time and place specified above.


Interested parties: Shanna P. Hawkins; James Corey Hawkins; Charles T. Hawkins A/K/A Charles Taylor Hawkins

Philip L. Robertson

Substitute Trustee

1896 General George Patton Dr., Ste 600

Franklin, TN 37067

Telephone (615) 656-1729


5/29/18; 6/5/18 AND 6/12/18