Around the Water Cooler


To binge or not to binge . . .


Kali Bradford

I just started watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. I know, I’m beyond late to the party, but as someone who is typically late to everything, I’m going to use my tried-and-true response: “Better late than never.”

I’m only on season two and since I’m not able to fully binge, it may take me a while to get through. I’ve also been advised that due to the nature of the show, it’s not the best idea to binge it. So I guess my crazy and hectic life is actually a bonus to keep me from falling down the rabbit hole of binging.

Picking up on the show has got me to thinking. What truly makes a show binge-worthy?  A friend of mine had recently put out a request on social media asking for suggestions of shows to binge on Netflix. One of the recommended shows was “Fuller House.” Now, I might get mail on this, but “Fuller House” is not what I think of when I think “let’s binge a show.”

“Fuller House” is more like, “there’s nothing else on and I’ve got 30 minutes of free time or I need something as background noise.”

As much as I was a fan of “Full House,” there is no way I want to watch hours of the Tanner family. I’m sorry, but again, no.

So, the “Full House” revelation led me to further contemplate what makes a show binge-worthy. I’ve come up with the following.


If you don’t particularly care for a show, you probably aren’t going to hang around for too many episodes of it. Likable characters and well-executed humor are some of the biggest factors here, but other things like dialogue, intriguing stories and even loyalty to a specific actor can all affect how engaged the audience is.

Running time

Most people don’t want to watch something more than 90 minutes long. While I can agree that I don’t want to – or simply don’t have the time to – watch something that long, if it’s good then I’ll make the time. There is such a thing as the pause button. But first, it has to be worth it.


There has to be a reason why we stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to watch one more episode. A worthwhile show gives you something to root for. What’s the point of sitting through all those seasons, episode after episode, if not to fulfill a yearning that the show inspired in you at the beginning?


Whether you want to admit of not, we all have that couple we want to see get together in a binge-worthy show. A show doesn’t have to have romance to be good per se, but almost any show can be made bearable by the premise of a budding romance.

Now that you’ve got the information, here are few binge-worthy shows to check out. Enjoy.


  1. “Breaking Bad”
  2. “Peaky Blinders”
  3. “The West Wing”
  4. “The Crown”
  5. “Riverdale”
  6. “Jane the Virgin”
  7. “13 Reasons Why”
  8. “The Gilmore Girls”
  9. “Rectify”
  10. “Stranger Things”