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Kali Bradford

Tips for swimsuit season: It’s going to be OK

Summer is here, which means it’s time for the agonizing task of shopping for a bathing suit. Even if you’ve decided to stick with your suit from last year, you’re still going to have that moment when you break into a cold sweat with the anxiety of taking that first step out into public wearing just your swimsuit.

First, everything is going to be OK. Second, now that you know it’s going to be OK, dump the anxiety. You’re entitled to just as much fun out in the sun as anybody else. Don’t let the thought of what others might think leave you unable to enjoy summer. Odds are they are just as freaked out as you are and you’re both wasting your time worrying over nothing.

Yes, I know this is all easier said than done. But if you’re wearing a suit that is suitable for your age and is the correct size, then you’re golden.

There are however, some additional things that you can do to ensure success this swimsuit season. These little things can be taken for granted but out among the pool or beachgoers they can be quite terrible when discovered mid-swim.

Here’s your checklist for swimsuit-wearing success and may it be your best summer yet. Enjoy.


Double-check your legs, pits, toes and bikini line

The sun can be unforgiving if a few stray hairs were missed in the hair-removing process. To be 100 percent sure that you’re fuzz-free, walk your swimsuit-clad self to the brightest place in your home, ideally a room with natural light, and use a handheld mirror to check yourself out from every angle. Pay close attention to ankles, knees and the back of thighs, where it’s easy to miss a follicle or two (or even 20) when shaving.


Choose bloat-free food and beverages

You may not have gotten 100-percent bathing suit ready, but don’t add to what you didn’t do with bloat from what you eat and drink. Ease up on artificially sweetened food and drinks as those sweeteners can cause big-time bloat. You should also steer clear of foods that are high in sodium, which can make you retain water.


Exfoliate and moisturize, from head to toe

Sloughing off dead skin cells and hydrating new ones is a good thing to do all year round, but it’s downright essential in the summer, when you’re layering on sunscreen, self-tanners and other products that can leave oils on the skin. Be sure to use different products for your face and your bod; when it comes to moisturizing, they each have totally different needs.


Don’t use just one sunscreen

When it comes to sunscreen, there’s not a one-size-fits-all type of lotion. The spray-on version that you use on your legs is probably too oily to apply to your sensitive facial skin, so be sure to throw sunscreen for your body, face, lips and even hair into your beach bag. Also, remember those sneaky spots like the bottoms of your feet and behind your ears.


Wear a hat

It’s the only time of the year when wearing a big floppy hat is cool, so feel glamourous and shield the sun’s harsh rays at the same time.



Drink lots of water. Not only does it keep you cool and hydrated, it also helps with the bloat.