Before her Nashville show at Marathon Music Works on Wednesday, K.Flay spoke about the importance of breaking the normal routine from everyday life and finding an escape – even if it’s for just one night.

In some ways, she was talking about herself – needing to change things up by commanding an audience nightly in part of her “Solutions” Tour.  Her latest album, which shares the tour name, was released the summer and doesn’t stray away from difficult topics including anxiety, family and the feeling of self-worth.

None of that is a secret to her fans, as the rock-rap genre bending artist has always made her music a safe space in some ways. When she’s performing, she finds her escape on stage, a place where she doesn’t have to apologize for her innermost thoughts– and let’s be real; she should never have to say I’m sorry.

So in some ways, Wednesday night felt like a catharsis for not only the audience, but for K.Flay as well. As the ringleader – and for a little bit an aerobics instructor – she did her best to keep the Music City crowd on its toes on the night.

In fact, early on into the set, K.Flay told the audience that she was missing the birth of her nephew to be performing in Nashville. While the small crowd – let’s be real, K.Flay deserved a better audience – didn’t exactly know how to take that news, it was obvious that the singer wanted to be on stage.

“I’m dedicating this one to my little nephew, who probably got born in the middle of this crazy s-,” she said right before launching into her GRAMMY Award nominated song “Blood In The Cut.

“Now is the time to get out whatever it is that you need to get out. Frustation, anxiety, depression, love, sadness or whatever so that we can all wake up tomorrow and feel f-ing good.”

While performing her newest album in full, she also made sure to connect with the audience on her older pieces during her 19-song performance. There was even a cover song thrown into the mix in her 90-minute set.

Midway through her night, K.Flay joined her two bandmates, as the three sat for a three-song acoustic sing along. The three performed some of her older tracks, leading off with “Nervous,” followed by “Can’t Sleep” a track off of 2014’s “Life as a Dog.”

Following those two songs, K.Flay was left alone on stage, just her and an electric guitar, wanting to play a song that she didn’t write, but one that was meaningful to her. During that performance, she delved into Liz Phair’s “F- & Run.”

When she first heard the song, she was working and helping kids study for the SAT Test. She also noted that she made it to a Phair concert, where she met her girlfriend Miya Folick, who was opening the show that night.

That performance was just a little insight to a singer, who already shares plenty with the audience, just solely based on her music alone. Following the cover, K.Flay hit a stretch of five songs, which was led off by “DNA,” a track that delves into her rocky relationship with her deceased biological father.   

She used that heavy portion of Wednesday’s set to segue into a more positive piece. She followed “DNA” with a track about the afterlife and finding peace in relationships, “Only The Dark.”

After three more songs, K.Flay took a short break, which saw her return for two more tracks. She lead off with “Sisters” a newer song, that talks about having those positive relationships. The song deals with finding a special connection with somebody, so much so that they might as well be siblings.

From there, she closed her night with her biggest song to date – the aforementioned,  “Blood In The Cut.” Midway through the song, K.Flay had the Nashville audience crouch low to the ground, before leaping during the song’s final chorus, making for a fun way to send off the Nashville crowd.