K.Flay will be returning to Nashville on Wednesday, as she headlines Marathon Music Works. 

A lot has changed in a little over a year for K.Flay, the two-time GRAMMY Award-nominated singer, songwriter and producer.

The last time that genre-defying artist played Nashville was in February 2018, when she was riding high from those nods and after her debut album dropped, “Every Where is Some Where.” Though she ultimately did not win, K.Flay was in the running for Best Engineered Album with is ability to mix the hip-hop sound with heavy rock. She also scored a nomination for Best Rock Song with her smash hit “Blood in the Cut.”  

Fast forward to the present, and things may look a little similar, as she’s back on tour celebrating the release an album. This time though, she’s making her way to Music City after her second record, “SOLUTIONS” dropped this summer.

“I was at a point in my life, where personally, I felt like I had been living in a world with problems for a little while,” K.Flay said. “I wanted to live in a world with a solutions to those problems. I think that was the first spark for that name. But, I also loved the different layers and the use of the word. First off, yes, it’s the answer to a problem, but you also have solution in a mathematical sense, which would be lovely when you mathematically assemble the variables.”

According to K.Flay, she had spent eight months working on the album, spending time in Los Angeles and Nashville for the record. Prior to starting the recording process, she had already written two songs for the album, “Bad Vibes” and “Only The Dark.”

“I wrote those when I had a little week break in touring when I was able to get in the studio,” K.Flay said. “Other than that, the remainder of the album was all new stuff. There was honestly nothing that was from a journal on anything. I just got in and started working.”

While this will be K.Flay’s first Nashville show in just over a year, she was in the area this summer, performing at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, noting that she had “a blast”. This was the second time that she played the festival over, first playing back in 2013.

In addition to performing her own set, she was also part of the annual SuperJam, which was hosted by GRiZ. The yearly late night jam session, features some of special guests, performing covers the entire night.

For K.Flay, she got to be a part of two songs, first joining, Chrishira Perrier for a cover of Prince’s “1999.” She later then came back on stage, performing Nirvana’s “Lithium” with GRiZ.  

“What I’ve discovered in both my career and in my life is that, when I’m presented with an opportunities that are a little outside my comfort zone, and the opportunities are collaborated, it’s pretty much always in my best interest to take them. But, the SuperJam was so super fun,” K.Flay said.

According to the singer, she threw out ideas on what songs she had wanted to perform as she and the band had been working together to figure out what to play in front of the Bonnaroo crowd. Just so happens, K.Flay had performing shows in the spring, where she had been performing covers.

“We were performing famous bands from each of those cities,” she said. “When we were in Chicago, we did the Smashing Pumpkins and then in Seattle, we did Nirvana’s ‘Lithium.’ I mentioned that to the band and they were like, ‘Wow! Actually that would be awesome.’”

On this tour run, one of the things that K.Flay is excited about, is the increase in tour production. With the new album, she wanted to create an atmosphere that incorporated the new shapes and sounds off of “SOLUTIONS.”

“One of my goals with this record as a whole outside of the music, was to create like a real visual aesthetic and sphere that surrounded the whole project,” she said. “The live show is the final manifestation of that. We’ve got this really cool set that we build every night, kind of like Q*bert. There are all these different cubes and these pastel colored shapes that mesh with album point.”

While she’s excited about the longer set with new material and an upgrade in production, K.Flay noted that the audience comes first. Her number one goal for any show is to make sure that the crowd is enjoying the show having fun.

“I just think it’s my moral imperative as an organizer of this night to just give everything that I have,” she said. “I really just want to make space for other people to do the same in whatever way that they feel comfortable. I do think that the show is active catharsis. I think more than ever, we are all living in such stressful times and conditions that we need group catharsis.”

Tickets for Wednesday’s show are still available and can be purchased starting at $25. Advanced tickets can purchased here.