Papa Roach

Papa Roach will be bringing its "Who Do You Trust?" Tour to Nashville on Saturday night at Municipal Auditorium. 

It’s been 19 years since Papa Roach released their biggest hit, breaking through on to the charts with “Last Resort,” the band’s biggest hit to this day.

That track was featured on the “Ready to Rumble” soundtrack and then later was featured on the band’s debut album “Infest.” Now as time as passed, Papa Roach released its 10th studio album “Who Do You Trust?” earlier this year.

Now in celebration of the newest record, the band will be coming through Nashville, headlining Municipal Auditorium on Saturday. On tour with them, the band will bringing Asking Alexandria and Bad Wolves with them.

“Oh, it's really cool. We all get along great, we've all toured you know, and know each other,” said Tobin Esperance, Papa Roach’s bassist. “[We’ve done] festivals and other shows together. We've known Tommy from Bad Wolf for a long time. So, everything just, it's just like picking, picking up where we left off.”

As the newest album was getting set to be released and head out on tour earlier this year, Papa Roach filmed its video for lead single “Who Do You Trust.” The video featured members of the band playing a role as newscasters, including Esperance who took the streets in Music City to be a weatherman.

While it was a last minute video shoot for the band, the band’s bassist though it turned out well and had a good time filming the video. To him and the rest of Papa Roach, Nashville has almost been a second home.

“We've been doing all of our production, all of our rehearsals, we store all of our gear there,” Esperance said. “Nashville is a music city, so you always know that you're going to be in a company of great musicians and you always want to bring your A game. So, yeah, we're definitely excited to play Nashville. We've got a lot of friends out there, so it's going to be great.”

When it came to naming this album, Esperance said that he and the band went into default mode, naming it after one of the tracks on the record. However, he thought “Who Do You Trust?” just fit well with everything that is happening society.

“I felt like it made people kind of think and it kind of related to a lot of what's going on right now just, you know, personally or in the media, everyone's always questioning something. Which you should question everything,” Esperance said.

More recently, Papa Roach has found itself producing newer music quickly. When the band first formed, it would spend an ample amount of time recording and overthinking its work.

“Now, we're not wasting time basically when we make records,” Esperance said. “We used to all get in a rehearsal spot and we would just jam for hours and just be hanging out all the time. And, to be honest that kind of gets, it just lags, you know? And, plus you get kind of fatigued with your ears constantly listening to everyone playing at full volume for hours and hours and hours all day long.”

So, our approach now is more getting in a studio and we write and we record all at the same time. So, it's like we're all kind of patched in, in a smaller environment. It's more comfortable and we get through write songs on the piano or arrange it on an acoustic guitar and then program beats and whatnot and play along with it and switch up the arrangement in the computer.”

That newer approach also lends itself to newer voices. Early into the band’s career, Esperance was Papa Roach’s primary song writers. Now, he hears input from all of the members in composing songs.

When it came to recording the new album, Esperance said that he and the band already had some songs left over from its ninth album, “Crooked Teeth.” Papa Roach held on to those songs, some unfinished and not quite completed, saving them for a different project.

“There was like, I'd say about six or seven of the songs that we felt didn't fit Crooked Teeth or we just hadn't finished or they were just ideas that where we felt like we should focus more on some other songs,” Esperance said. "We didn't wait very long though. I felt like we're kind of testing the waters and trying to be kind of a part of this new wave of just releasing music just more often and not overthinking every little thing that we do. You’ve got to keep people interested before they move on to something else.”

So far, fans have reacted positively to the new music. On this tour run, Esperance said he and the band are bringing out a lot of production and are trying to make if fun for the fans in attendance.

Showtime on Saturday is slated for 7 p.m. Tickets to the concert can be purchased here