Shinedown made history on Monday night —albeit personal history for the group — when it stepped on to the stage for the first time ever at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Hailed as “An Evening With Shinedown,” Monday’s show was the first of pair for the band in Music City. The Tullahoma News was there at the rockers’ first show at the larger than life venue. Below are three takeaways from the performance.

Stepping on to ‘hallowed ground’

Throughout the evening, Shinedown complimented the Nashville crowd, but at the same time, it also recognized the history that the Ryman provides.  In fact, during the middle of the performance lead singer Brent Smith went on to call the stage “hallowed ground.”

There were two other moments, throughout the night where the band acknowledged how grateful they were to be able to be performing at The Ryman. In between songs, guitarist Zach Myers delved into an acapella cover of “Amazing Grace” in the Mother Church.

Two songs later, the band honored another tradition at Ryman Auditorium, performing a song completely unplugged without any microphones or amps. During the two-hour performance, Shinedown delved into its earlier tracks and the deeper cuts.

The band decided to perform “Misfits” the final track off of the band’s 2015 album “Threat to Survival,” a love song that felt appropriate to be played at The Ryman. It was a genuine and heartfelt performance, a noteworthy highlight in the 21-song set.

What was funny was watching the audience during that song. The majority of the indulged the band, quieting. However, there were the few members of the crowd who couldn’t help but hold back a yell or a cheer, quickly being told to hush by the other patrons.

Rocking out at The Ryman

When Shinedown was booked at Ryman Auditorium, fans weren’t exactly sure what to expect. A lot of the audience headed into Monday’s show expecting a quieter, even maybe an acoustic show from the band.

That didn’t happen on night one of the two-day performance. Day two on the other hand, was the more subdued version of the band.

On Monday night, the band rocked out on The Ryman Stage. Shinedown is no stranger to playing Nashville, last performing at Bridgestone Arena in May 2018, but this was the first time that they were able to perform at Ryman Auditorium.

Due to that, Shinedown didn’t want to subdue their sound during their first performance at the mother church. That was saved for night two. For the majority of its two-hour set on Monday, the band rocked the venue as fans got fully enjoy what a Shinedown show should be like—minus the pyro it usually brings with them.

Keeping it classy

Every band says that it loves their fans. Arguably though, nobody displays that more so than Shinedown.

Two songs into its performance, Smith talked to the fans, welcoming them to the concert. He then told them how much he appreciated them coming out to the show, then telling encouraging each audience member to meet somebody new and shake their hand.

That wasn’t just limited to the crowd though, as Smith and other members of the band, shook the hands with members of the crowd, photographers and even ushers on Monday night. Shinedown has always treated its fans with respect. Judging from the crowds smiles following the performance, the audience loved that treatment and thoroughly enjoyed the show.