Rock and roll isn’t dead. Or that’s the statement that The Struts successfully made on Wednesday night when they sold out Marathon Music Works in part of their “Young & Dangerous Tour.”

With a sound that instantly brings nostalgia, taking the listeners to an era of glam rock in the 70s, it’s no surprise that the U.K. rockers have shot up the charts since debuting in 2014. Here are three takeaways from Wednesday night’s show.


Stadium bound

The long-lived power anthems that came from legendary singers and bands like Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles, etc., have found a new voice in The Struts’ lead singer Luke Spiller. The band doesn’t need covers though — despite the recent release of a cover of Martha Reeves and The Vandella's “Dancing in the Street.”

No, those anthems that The Struts have created are original; They’re powerful and just prove that the band has sticking power.

 The band broke into the U.S. charts after the release of its first studio album, “Everybody Wants,” in 2014. Three hit singles led the way with three smash singles, “Kiss This,” “Put Your Money On Me” and “Could Have Been Me,” with the last of those songs closing out Wednesday’s performance.

The Struts

The Struts performing live in concert at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee on July 17, 2019.

Four years later, the band released its second album “Young & Dangerous,” which again was met with immediate success. The band led off the new record “Body Talks,” which then later formed into a collaboration with Kesha. Following that, The Struts released “Primadonna Like Me,” which was inescapable for college football fans, used by ESPN during its promotion for the playoffs.  

As the band took the stage, sharply dressed in their fresh new look, that screamed glam rock, The Struts wasted little time in getting the crowd engaged. The band immediately headed into its second single off the newest album, getting the night off to rocking start.  


The stones…

With only two albums under their belt, it was a bold, but yet powerful move for The Struts to roll four of their songs into one melody. Then again, this is a band that has never wanted to compromise their sound over the years.

In the middle of Wednesday’s two-hour performance, the band performed a melody of songs, which included “The Ol’ Switcheroo,” “Black Swan,” Roll Up,” and “Young Stars.” Again, from a band with only two studio albums, it’s hard to imagine, having the gall the wherewithal to be able to do pull that off.

Then again, as Spiller was so aptly to state, though they’ve only released two albums, The Struts have been a band for a while.

The Struts

The Struts performing live in concert at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee on July 17, 2019.

“Trust me when I say, we’ve been through it all,” Spiller told the Nashville crowd. We’ve been signed, we’ve been dropped. We’ve had some hits and we’ve had some flops.”

Early in their career, Spiller then recalled a conversation he had with a label executive, telling him to knock off the makeup and cool it the clothing. Rather than heed that advice, Spiller and the boys continued on, doing things their own way. It’s paid off. So, it should be no surprise, that the melody was pulled off wonderfully.


The Struts love Music City

It should be no surprise that Wednesday’s show was sold out. In fact, it hadn’t been all that long since The Struts had last played Nashville.

The Struts

The Struts performing live in concert at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee on July 17, 2019.

Last December, coming off the release of their second studio album “Young & Dangerous,” the British rockers played three nights at the Basement East. All three nights, the band sold out the smaller venue, even brining out special guest, Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello during the final night’s performance.

With those three shows, that made a total of five times that The Struts were scheduled to play Nashville last year. The rockers first appearance in Music City in 2018 was at Bridgestone Arena, opening for Foo Fighters.

Following that, The Struts were slated to perform at Pilgrimage Music & Arts Festival. However, due to flooding, the festival was forced to cancel that festival, washing out that performance.

With Wednesday’s show now in the books, hopefully it won’t be long before The Struts return to the Nashville area.

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