If Taylor Swift was looking to make an impression and continue to solidify her reputation as one of pop's biggest icons on her newest tour, then she accomplished her goal with Saturday’s performance in Nashville.

More than 56,000 fans packed Nissan Stadium for Saturday’s show, some dressed in their best, others wearing their craziest costumes and even some dolled up as their favorite Taylor persona. From start to finish, the whole show was nothing short of a spectacle that had the “super crowd”— as described by Swift— dancing, singing along, screaming and in awe of the pop star’s performance.

Saturday’s show also offered Swift an opportunity to have a little celebration of her own, returning to the place that helped launch her career. Throughout the night, the 28-year-old praised the Music City for helping her achieve her dream.

“I moved to Nashville when I was 13. My first memory of this stadium is my mom and I got tickets to CMA Fest, and I remember thinking this was the biggest place to play. It was incomprehensible,” she said. “Years later, I got to play 15 minutes at CMA Fest. I thought that was the best it was going to get. Tonight is my first time headlining this stadium. It’s my hometown show, and it means so much to me and family and friends. This crowd is gorgeous.”

Swift’s first-ever stadium tour is meant to be an expression of her new self, after she proclaimed last year — and again on Saturday night in a video featuring actress Tiffany Haddish — that “the old Taylor” is dead. Instead, Swift’s Reputation Tour feels like more of a celebration of her career, showcasing her new songs, while revisiting her past.

One of Swift’s surprises on the night was a pair of guest stars who joined her on stage while she performed her first-ever hit, which was released in 2006, titled “Tim McGraw.” After the first verse of the song, Faith Hill emerged on stage, followed shortly by her husband, McGraw himself.The crowd quickly went in a frenzy. Swift sang the chorus, “When you think of Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me,” while leaning on and pointing to McGraw offering a gleaming smile.

Swift and her production team spared no expense on this tour, including having a 110-foot tall main stage, that stretched the entire length of a football field. Swift didn’t just limit her show to the enormous main stage either, and during “Delicate” was transported in an illuminated orb, carried by cables, to one of two stages that were located toward the back of the floor.

After reaching her first destination, Swift was met by openers Charli XCX and Camila Cabello as the three performed “Shake It Off,” one of Swift’s biggest hits. That performance featured a large animatronic snake, which was unveiled at both the back stages. The snake imagery, which was prevalent throughout Swift’s set, was embraced by the singer following a past feud with Kim Kardashian.

After her openers left, Swift went on to play two more songs from that second stage, both of which were acoustic performances. The second of those songs was a hit that Swift wrote but was performed by Little Big Town, “Better Man,” which went on to capture a Grammy.

Following that performance, Swift walked through the crowd, high-fiving fans, on her way to the third stage, located in the back-right corner of the stadium. From there, she sang a pair of songs, “Blank Space” and “Dress,” before returning to the main stage again on the wire. This time, she was sandwiched inside of a replica of snake ribs all while performing her song, “Bad Blood.”

Swift concluded her night with another grandiose production number, ending the show with a compilation of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” The screens then displayed the exterior of a mansion, while a three-tiered water fountain shot water from the middle of the stage as Swift and her plethora of backup dancers performed, leaping near, on and in the fountain.

As she waved and said goodbye to the Nashville crowd, fireworks erupted above the stage. Before leaving, Swift and her backup dancers took a bow.

Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour is continuing in the U.S. through Oct. 6, when it wraps up in Arlington, Texas. For more information about the tour, visit https://www.taylorswift.com/news/295865.