The success for using hearing aids are often based on programming of the hearing aid devices. Hearing aid styles vary depending on the user’s needs. It’s easy to get confused about the different models of hearing aids available. Not one hearing aid is best for everyone. Hearing loss and your daily routine determine the best model and technology needed for each person. Hand dexterity issues or significant arthritis/numbness may suggest a customized in-the-ear style for ease of insertion. The open ear canal with a behind-the-ear aid is ideal if portions of your hearing are near normal. This keeps the ear canal open to hear normally as well as allowing the hearing aid to bring the sounds you are missing.

A hearing aid is so much more than just an amplifier. Think of a hearing aid as a sophisticated sound filter that makes soft sounds audible and more easily understood while keeping moderate and loud sounds within comfort. The electronics are manipulated by the Audiologist on a computer to adjust the microphones on the devices and allow for constant monitoring of the noise level and adjusting automatically to allow for your speech understanding. Hearing aids may also connect to your cell phone which enables better hearing on the phone as well as using your phone for a remote control of your hearing aid if needed. The specific programming of the hearing aids are key and possibly the most important aspect of successful hearing aid use.

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