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At Spring House, we use the latest technology in Colon Hydrotherapy, the Aqua Cleanse. Why is this so important for our clients or potential clients? Because Colon Hydrotherapy Preparation is an emerging technology used by Gastroenterologist all over the United States as well as Europe.

Medical Universities and Gastroenterologist have researched the benefits of colon hydrotherapy over oral purgative laxatives traditionally prescribed before a colonoscopy. Many people dread a colonoscopy due to the preparation required before the procedure. In fact, many who need a colonoscopy refuse the procedure for this very reason. Who wants to be up all night from the cocktail of harsh laxatives that are required to “clean out” your system before your early morning colonoscopy appointment. If you have been there, it is exhausting, mentally and physically.

Please remember that a colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening. At Spring House, we offer an easy, effective alternative to traditional colonoscopy preparation. The client has no harsh laxative preparation to drink, no down time from their daily routine, and can sleep through the night before there colonoscopy without the interruption of purging from harsh laxatives. Colonoscopy Preparation by Aqua Cleanse is an emerging technology used to purge the colon by water infusion prior to a colonoscopy, when medically indicated. The protocol does vary regarding the number of colonics that should be performed prior to a colonoscopy. For anyone interested in using Colon Hydrotherapy instead of chemicals to prepare for the procedure, please discuss this option with your physician.

Aqua Cleanse is an FDA cleared colon irrigation system. The Aqua Cleanse experience is private, well tolerated and effective. Colon Hydrotherapy has an exciting and well deserved place in the advancement of colonoscopy preparation. Studies have show that the client as well as the physician prefer this method of treatment. At Spring House we have a saying, “Don’t Sweat The Prep”.

Please refer to our website at www.springhouse-wellness.com. Please see our website reference to Dr. Joseph Fiorito. We offer complimentary consultations and consider it an honor help others take the important step of Colon Cancer Screening.