EC Design

As a small business, we are always looking for ways to become better at what we do and how we do things. We have found that being organized plays a big factor in how smoothly things run around here (although admittingly we aren’t the best at it). After many trial and errors, we have set in a system that works best for our workflow and keeps us on track and organized. We have created a form to capture all the essentials for each project, we use digital organization tools like Asana and have a paper trail that follows the project until the customer picks up. Each morning we take ten to fifteen minutes to go through our projects, refer to Asana, and plan out what needs to be done for that day. So far this has been the best solution for us, but every so often we circle back to our process and evaluate if it is still the best way or if there is any way we can improve. Perfecting our systems and changing them when they are no longer effective has helped us be more successful. What systems do you have in place? Are they still as efficient as they use to be? How can they be better?

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