I believe that the three most important inventions of the 20th century are nuclear power, the airplane, and the internet. Nuclear power has played a huge role in developing our country and our relationships with other countries. Nuclear power is one of the most effective non fossil fuels. It has the capability to power entire cities with almost no pollution to the environment. It also has potential for immense power in the form of an atomic bomb. The atomic bomb is an extremely powerful weapon that America has used in the past to end wars and in the present to avoid conflicts. The atomic bomb was used in World War 2 to force Japan to surrender, ending World War 2. During the cold war, the destructive power of the bomb kept a shaky peace between the US and Russia. Even today the threat of the atomic bomb protects us from threats by rogue nations such as North Korea and Iraq.

Secondly, the airplane is another very important invention of the 20th century. The airplane has introduced so many possibilities in everything from mail delivery and travel to trade and warfare. Before the invention and development of the plane it would take days or weeks for people and goods to travel from the United States to Europe. With the invention of the airplane, a trip across the ocean only takes a few hours. During all of the modern American wars the airplane has been vital for the movement of supplies and troops as well as in dog fights and bombing raids.

Lastly, I believe that the internet is one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century. With the invention of the internet anyone from almost anywhere can communicate their ideas. Knowledge that was once only dreamed of can now be accessed with a click of a button. Anyone can communicate and share ideas and information with anyone else who has access to the internet. People who were once hundreds and thousands of miles apart can now communicate as though they are sitting in the same room together. The internet has also revolutionized the way we buy sell and market goods. Products that were once hard to find can now be bought and sold with ease, and any company can effortlessly promote their goods and services to a vast number of people. These are the three inventions that I believe have had an outstanding impact on the past century, and they will continue to impact the world for years to come.

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