Jaime Castaneda

The creative process is, well, messy and a challenge. But honestly, it’s the part that I love the most! The challenge to take a client’s vision, all the information needing to be present, and be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time functional to the end product. It becomes one large creative problem-solving puzzle. A mess of doodles on loose sheets of paper around my desk and spread across my design program on my computer screen. Then the challenge becomes slowly cutting away parts that do not fit with the design, using creative and functional elements to tie in the information, and using color and type to control how the eye moves through the design itself. A lot of creative thought goes into each design as it crosses my desk and my goal is always to use what I learned from the last project to improve on the current one. Next comes a conversation with you and feedback on the design. This is an important aspect of the creative process, does the design meet the original goals? What areas need more work? This part of the creative process is one of my favorites. The weird part in design is I love when people tell me what doesn’t work within my design. I learn every time, either yes that did not work and we fix it or here is my creative process and why this element does work. Both help me put deeper thought into understanding or improving the creative decisions I make throughout my creative process.