Amy R. Nickels,  DVM

Imagine how startled you would be if you suddenly heard loud booms and saw bright lights but had no idea what caused them. Although your family may participate in fireworks every year, your pet has no idea that your usually peaceful home will soon be disrupted by loud, frightening

noises. More pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day, so here are some tips to help ensure their safety:

• Do not take your pet to a show unless you are absolutely

sure that he or she is not afraid of fireworks.

• If you are setting off fireworks in your yard, or you live in

ear shot of a fireworks show, do not leave your pet

outside- even in a secured and fenced yard. Make sure that window/door screens are in good repair to prevent your pet from escaping.

• Find the quietest room in your house and put your pet’s

food, water, bed, or crate in that room, along with a few

toys. Turn on the TV or

• Put a collar and identification tags on your dog or cat. The

tags will help ensure that your pet returns home if they

make an escape. Make sure that the information on their

• Talk to your veterinarian about medications that will help

to keep your pet calm. We recommend using Sileo, which

is the first and only FDA approved treatment for noise

aversion in dogs. It is clinically proven to be safe an

effective without sedating, which allows your dog to

interact normally with your family.

If your pet is afraid of fireworks or suffers from any other type of anxiety, we can help. Call us at (931) 393-2707 to schedule an appointment to discuss your furry friend’s fears!