Sherri Prestwich, DC

Low Force Chiropractic is a generic term for the many more gentle chiropractic techniques available for patients. The specific low force technique I use in my office is Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic or DNFT, the grandfather of many of the low force chiropractic techniques in existence. DNFT does not involve any cracking, popping or twisting of the spine. In fact many patients nap while on the table!

This low force alternative to forceful chiropractic techniques begins with a gentle challenge or push followed by a unique leg check. This test utilizes the body’s natural reflexes to indicate directions of misalignment of structures that are producing nerve interference. In chiropractic this combination of structural misalignment with nerve interference is called a subluxation.

Once every direction for all subluxated bony and soft tissue is determined then correction can be achieved. The correction involves a directionally specific thumb thrust aimed at each structural finding. This test and correction process can be applied to not only the spinal structures such as vertebra, discs, ligaments, muscles and ribs but also any other bony or soft tissue in the body. This includes cranium/TMJ, shoulders, knees and unbalanced organ reflexes including gallbladder, stomach and bowels. This detailed and comprehensive approach to the body’s subluxations results in long lasting correction in a safe, effective manner with a low number of visits. Because of this gentle approach and the information coming directly from the body routine spinal x-rays are not taken or required to receive DNFT chiropractic care.

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