H. Michael Long, D.D.S.

Missing teeth should be replaced if at all possible. Teeth can be replaced with bridges, implants, dentures and partial dentures.

Conventional partial dentures are usually made with a metal frame with the teeth attached with gum colored acrylic. They are held in place by clasps that hook on to remaining teeth. These clasps are usually made of metal and don’t look good in the smile line. This can be avoided with the use of precision attachments. These attachments can be hidden in or under the first tooth in the partial. This shows a nice continuous smile without the metal hooks.

There are partial dentures made without the metal frame. These are good for temporary situations, i.e. waiting for healing of extraction sites or surgery.

As teeth are extracted the force on the remaining teeth increases. Therefore replacing teeth as they are extracted keeps the forces evenly distributed and a more pleasing smile.