There’s an old saying in sales - “you do not sell a product. You sell yourself.”

We believe that the same thing applies to businesses - especially startups. We have seen that customers buy into the story and the vision behind your company.

So how can a company tell its story?

Here are three ways.

1. Social Media

a) Social Media outlets allow you to interact on a personal level with clients. It’s not really the place for sweeping proclamations or high-level strategy; it’s an opportunity to meet customers where they spend time. It’s a chance for a one-on-one conversation. Social media offers a place for give and take.

2. Blogs

a) Blogging gives you the chance to explain why your company exists in your own words. Blog posts give you a chance to explain yourself to those interested in the in-depth look at your business. Use blogs to tell your story. Explain what led you to take the leap into business ownership. Explain why your methods work. Explain why you do the work you do. Blogs are a great place to educate customers and clients about your history and vision.

3. Email

a) While blogs give companies the platform to explain where the company has been, emails give those companies a way to show their direction. Email campaigns offer customers a view of the future. Give customers a reason to be excited. Show them what events, products, and deals you planned.!

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