H. Michael Long D.D.S.

As time passes our teeth tend to get darker. Chips and fractures may occur giving a more harsh and unattractive smile. The gums may recede making the teeth appear longer and the exposed roots look darker. The lower front teeth may wear through the enamel leaving dentin exposed and stained. Missing teeth, over time allow the remaining teeth to move or shift causing gaps in your smile.

There are dental procedures that can restore the smile. Recontouring the edges of the teeth to give them symmetry can be done simply and quickly. Veneers can cover the small cracks, chips and change the contour and color of the front teeth. In more severe cases crowns can restore the front teeth and give a more esthetic smile.

Whiting can remove stains and give a more pleasing appearance to the smile. Replacing missing teeth with bridges or implants, so the teeth wont shift, can preserve the smile.

Teeth don’t know how old they are!! There is no reason an aging smile can’t be attractive.